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    my site is alive.

    That’s great. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Will upload with Transmit.

    I don’t know that one, but presumably mac-specific. Filezilla is supposed to be good, and certainly popular. But every time I’ve seen a problem such as yours it has ALWAYS been when using Filezilla. I have no idea why as I’ve never used it myself.

    With a large upload such as kiwitrees (and especially the zend library part) it is common to have a few files that fail. More so if you have a slow(er) or busy internet connection. The problems really start when you don’t know the failures have happened. It seems that FZ doesn’t tell you about failures, or perhaps it does but it’s too well hidden to use??

    My personal favourite is FireFTP, an add-on to the Firefox browser. Being a browser component it has the advantage of always being available. No extra programme to load. The other thing I like is its very accessible (on upload screen) log system. That tells you exactly which files failed, and lets you simply re-send those. I find there are always a handful, and re-sending them always works.

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