• #5370

    While working this, how about doing something similar for the log in menu item; replace the drop down with a simple log in page similar to what is used on this forum. The current drop down is “flaky” on some browsers.

    Unfortunately my experience of the drop-down is the total opposite, so I would be very reluctant to change it myself. But I never expect everyone to have the same opinions as me, so I can at least offer some suggestions:

    1. I assume you are aware that the drop-down login is a feature of only the kiwitrees theme? So switching themes would be one possible solution for you.
    2. Fixing the issue is another (hopefully). You said “… “flaky” on some browsers …”. Can you be more specific? I’ll gladly take a look at it with those browsers and see if the problem is reproducible and fixable.
    3. The third option is a simple customisation. Using the information form Custom themes you could add a custom ‘myheader.php’ file. It would only need one small change from the standard kiwitrees theme header: replace lines 139 to 151 (inclusive) with just “echo $menu->getMenuAsList();”
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