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    ….. maybe using feature may change how I feel, not sure.

    That’s hopeful 🙂 Give it a bit of time. It IS a change to the old ways of thinking, but I think it’s worth it.

    Just did a couple of edits to Charles Darwin (birth date, death date, education). Then compared the ADD edit window to that of EDIT. I am using birth and death events even though they occur once per person (!) still apply to the other edit windows. And that’s being consistent in order and possibly having most used fields higher priority to either redundant or less used.

    In the ADD Death, Age could probably be lower priority, under Cause.

    In the EDIT Death, the order should match ADD.

    That’s a problem that has been around since PGV days. Not really related to this change. I don’t disagree with the comment though, but it will have to wait until this change is done.

    > For consistency, and because you’ve changed adding Sources, have the whole section below fields relating to the event itself.

    Can you elaborate. I’m not sure I follow your thinking on this one. A picture would help.

    > Each tab must clearly state to whom the edit/add is applying to “Charles Darwin” alone is not unique, should have DOB/DOD.

    That’s certainly possible. I’ll take a look. Can’t say it’s bothered me so far though.

    >The School or college looks more attached to the source than the event. Would like it between date and place.

    Another one I don’t quite understand. Can you explain further, with picture.[/quote]

    As a general comment, the actual order of each element of a fact or event, with in add or edit, would IDEALLY match the order it exists on the source document you are viewing. But of course they are never the same across countries states, tie etc, so there is no “right order’ for these things. So, for example, I would disagree that CAUS AGE should be a lower priority than CAUS. Most often I am looking at records that give age, but rarely cause of death. That doesn’t make either of us wrong, we just use different source records.

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