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    … based on the descendants of one person or can be changed ?

    There are three that provide something like this:

    • Descendants chart (Main menu > Charts > Descendants) – all descendants from a chosen individual.
    • Branches (Main menu > Lists > Branches – all descendants of a chosen surname
    • Interactive tree (Main menu > Charts > Interactive Tree OR individual page > Interactive tree tab) – all descendants AND ancestors of a chosen individual (click and drag with your mouse to reveal more levels left or right)

    … one that shows the family tree with all members .

    If you really mean ALL members, then I’m afraid the answer is no, such chart does not exist. It is not practical on a web server, where some trees might contain as many as 80,000 and more individuals! Of course it could be done for trees of only a hundred or fewer, but that’s not a useful way to write a programme. We must provide features anyone can use.

    If such a chart is necessary I always recommend that you take a GEDCOM copy and import it into desktop software designed for that purpose.

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