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    What I realize that I should have checked at the same time is whether images I marked as managers only appeared.

    Not sure why I had privacy options disabled. Your help says

    ‘This option will enable all privacy settings and hide the details of living people, as defined or modified on the Privacy tab of each GEDCOM’s configuration page.’ but if how does it?

    ENABLED – I have living people set to show to visitors already, but RESN tags respected. DISABLED – it overruled my RESN tags but what else would happen?

    [updated: 06 Aug 2021]
    MacOS: 10.15.7  (Catalina)
    Safari   14.0.3;  Firefox 9.0.2
    PHP 7.4.5 FastCGI

    Alter-Drukarsh connections... 3.3.9 <private>
    The Royals 3.3.9<
    The Gerrer Rebbes 3.3.9 <>