• #5285

    Ole, that must be annoying.

    I have tested a similar installation, using kiwitrees 3.1.1, Firefox 40.0.3 and PHP 5.6.9, and cannot reproduce this issue.

    So we need to eliminate all possible causes:
    1 – We have both used kiwitrees 3.1.1, so that is unlikely to be the cause. Also, no other user has reported this.
    2 – We have both used Firefox. But what version of FF do you have? (In Firefox go to Help > About Firefox)
    3 – We have a very small difference in PHP version. I have looked at the changes between PHP 5.6.9 and 5.6.12 and can see no change that would cause this. Perhaps someone else who has 5.6.12 could check this for us.
    4 – What operating system are you using, PC or MAC, Windows 7/8/9/10 etc?
    4 – Have you checked in your logs to see if there are any messages? Check the kiwitrees logs (Administration > Site administration > Logs…Type = error). Also check your web server logs if you have access to them. If no access contact your web host and ask them to check for errors around the time you think this happened.
    5 – Try testing the same actions using a different browser, and if possible a completely different computer.

    Finally – I might be able to see what is happening if I can access your site with full admin privileges. Is that possible? You can email details to me ([email protected]).

    My personal kiwitrees site is