• #5272

    When I do a search for S4, the page returns the title of the Source, but nothing else. If I do a list of Sources, it does appear (Wikipedia), but doesn’t display anything more when clicked.

    If you look at the URL you will see that doing either of those things goes to the same place, which is why you get the same result.

    If you look at the ‘page source’ you will find that (eventually) the page load times-out due to insufficient memory. That source has links to 2,739 individuals, 1,025 families, and 951 media objects. Your server is not configured to handle that much. It only has a ‘max_execution_time’ of 30 secs.

    Looking at the fatal error in detail it is actually failing on file “calendar.php”, line 158. That code is trying to calculate a month number involving the Jewish month ‘ADS’. So I suspect you have a record somewhere, linked to S4, with some ‘strange’ data. But you will not be able to find it without first getting enough ‘max_execution_time’ to allow the page to load.

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