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    I hear what you are saying.

    but as I have indicated, I’m happy to regard it as a restriction and to live without it.

    Don’t give up so easily 🙂

    With the current version (the one you have) the fact the sub-menus default to something like “Descendants of the Howel ap HOWELL Family” could be an argument against what you want. Whatever current name might be used for the family, they ARE all descendants of that very early name. So at least it is accurate, if not desired.

    But now that I am changing it to just “Howel ap HOWELL Family” it seems your problem gets even worse. I can see the issue impacting a broader range of families than just Welsh.

    So bear with me. You suggestion has merit. Not sure when or if I can do it, but I will investigate.

    But, as noted earlier, I have changed that for the next release. so now it will just say “Evan ap Howell Family”

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