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    The point is that whether or not I treat ‘ap’ as a surname prefix (and I have done it that way because a number of the people with whose trees mine interconnects have done it that way) I stiil end up with the ‘surname’ of the individuals mentioned above, as HOWELL, LEISON, WILLIAM, etc – a different one depending upon the generation chosen – and FTV will take THAT name as the name of the FAMILY – which is not correct when viewed from the 20th (or even the 19th) century -This line has been the POWELL family for the last 7 generations and all descendants regard it as the POWELL family. To call it the HOWELL or LEISON or WILLIAM family, and change it depending which root person is selected, is incorrect and unhelpful. It is made even more confusing by the fact that in the same extended family tree there are also lines which have evolved to use the names HOWELL and LEISON as the family name and it is those lines which should be referred to as the HOWELL Family and the LEISON Family, not the one we know as the POWELL family. Equally, to meddle with the facts by changing the GEDCOM first/principle name to something that it definitely wasn’t cannot be the right answer because it effects all other handling and those individusals were NEVER called POWELL.
    It seems to me that however I interpret the GEDCOM standard, the way in which the FTV code works, it cannot solve this problem to my satisfaction, unless the option is provided to override the selected family name for the purposes of naming the resulting View. So I raised it as a possibility. But I realise that this is probably unique to Welsh genealogy so I can accept that FTV is likely to be a function that I can’t effectively use for the Welsh lines, with a Root person selected from a period earlier than the end of patronymic naming. I can still select – in this example – the first person to use the surname POWELL as the root person, and leave people to back-track from him through the earlier generations to find out what they need to know .

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