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    I have been reading the webtrees thread on different types of “marriages” and the lack of consensus! My head spins!
    <QUOTE kiwi>
    From my (technical) perspective, without highly complex and major changes to code the issue is actually simple:
    If the tag = MARR we describe couples as husband and wife.
    If the tag = _NMR we describe the couple as partners. </>

    I’ve been using:
    MARR husband/wife “that have walked down the aisle” (male/femaie or same gender) so “He married Jane Doe” is fine

    _COML husband/wife that live together without the formality and I know for sure they consider themselves a couple (and have legal status under eyes of Canadian law) so “He married Jane Doe” is fine although there is the technical difference

    _NMR never used it but just changed a marriage and saw the difference; will have to wrap my head around difference of using instead of _COML but the “He had a relationship with Jane Doe” > sounds a bit like they were fooling around (which many of my Royals did, but not my relatives; well, some did). That said, it suffices – again, refer back to the record for exact details within Notes

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