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    I fear that it is already sufficiently complicated Nigel, without giving them additional ‘artificial’ names which could serve to confuse further .

    However, recording it the way you are is exactly what is preventing FTV from functioning as you would like 🙁 It is written to function according to GEDCOM ‘norms’. But of course GEDCOM is, always has been, and probably always will be open to different interpretations.

    Mine would be:
    a) that “ap” is not a surname prefix. It is used between two parts of a surname.
    b) two names, or one name with variants is a more common solution

    Might be worth reading this to get some idea of alternatives:

    One thing it mentions is entering patronymic names like this: Dia / Evans / ap / Howell /

    (But I confess I’ve never tried that myself and don’t know what FTV does with it).

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