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    What is the GEDCOM SURN of the root person of the POWELL family?

    Depending upon which one I choose to use as the root person:

    2 SPFX ap
    2 SURN Howell alias Howell Powell

    .. or his father:

    2 SPFX ap
    2 SURN Leison

    .. or his father:

    2 SPFX ap
    2 SURN William

    .. or his father:

    2 SPFX ap
    2 SURN Evan ap Howell

    You can also give a person more than one name.

    I fear that it is already sufficiently complicated Nigel, without giving them additional ‘artificial’ names which could serve to confuse further . Unfortunately, although the Welsh are pretty good at rugby, their traditional naming conventions were a genealogist’s nightmare.

    As an aside I have made other minor changes after discussion with other users:

    Good – I like the change.

    Ron in France
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