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    What is the GEDCOM SURN of the root person of the POWELL family? It sounds like it isn’t “Howel ap HOWELL”, but you seem to be indicating it should be.

    You can also give a person more than one name. FTV will use the “default” name, which by GEDCOM specification is deemed to be the first one listed in the GEDCOM data.

    Not questioning the value of your suggestion, but it is already a complex module, and I’d like to exhaust all existing options before adding further complexity.

    As an aside I have made other minor changes after discussion with other users:
    1 – The display name (Menu) for the module will now be “Descendants” rather than “Tree view”. Apart from better describing it’s purpose this is also an preparation for it becoming the first in a new complete replacement suite of “Reports”
    2 – Removed the repetitive “Descendants of the XXXXXX family” used in sub menu’s to show just “XXXXX family”. The individual page header does still use “”Descendants of the XXXXXX family”


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