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    (sorry, wasn’t intending to shift gears)

    Paragraph separation for each marriage would help but I still like 1st, 2nd still. (I tend to do double space between paragraphs.) Think consistency is important —
    1st to 100th over
    first to tenth and 11th to 100th is proper (I think my school English rules are right) but in reading the story, not as preferable to me.

    The 1st time he married Catherine TRASTÁMARA, daughter of Ferdinand TRASTÁMARA and Isabella TRASTÁMARA, on 11 June 1509 in Greenwich blah, blah

    The 2nd time he married Anne BOLEYN, daughter of Thomas BOLEYN and Elizabeth HOWARD blah, blah

    The 3rd time he married Jane SEYMOUR, daughter of John SEYMOUR and Margery blah, blah

    I can then see the list of respective children of each marriage and find the paragraph that refers to who the other parent was. Again given that in most circumstances there won’t be six wives to sift through:)

    No wait, Elizabeth Taylor tops him at 8 but doubt you have a user doing her genealogy 🙂

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