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    Just tried translate in Google “1st” to German and saw “1”, not proper when saying The 6 time he married.

    As I mentioned, don’t worry about translations, just what you would use in English. I already know (from German users) that they need to use text like “erste” and never “1st”, or “1”. But once we have the English base code it can be translated much more easily than at present.

    I vote for English 1st using number and ordinal to whatever.

    Thanks. I am surprised, but would your view be different of each marriage started a new sub-paragraph, making it easier to see?

    But, at the end of my Henry story, “Henry TUDOR and Anne LA MARCK had none children” doesn’t sound any better.

    You are right (though I did ask that we don’t extend this discussion outside the ‘number of marriages’ issue here. There are too many issues to try and discuss them all in one thread.) However, as you have mentioned it (and it is certainly not right) I have amended the code to use “no” instead of “none” in the sentence “Henry TUDOR and Anne LA MARCK had no children

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