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    Thanks for such a speedy response Nigel. I have uploaded it to my /themes/webtrees folder, cleared browser cache, and tried it out but no difference. As I widen the window, the menu display changes form at exactly the same point on the screen as before. So I tried changing ‘950’ in the first line of that file to ‘900’ and tried again, but with exactly the same results. This seems to say that either my real full screen width is not 1920 but less than 1800 (have double-checked and according to Windows it is 1920) Just to be sure I changed it to ‘750’ with the same result OR the fix is for some reason not working as it should. To be clear, the themes/webtrees folder now contains, in addition to the four sub-folders, the footer, header and theme.php files and a favicon.png file, three css files, namely: msie.css, mystyle.css and style.css.
    Would appreciate your advice..

    Ron in France Website: kiwitrees 3.3.11; PHP 8.0.14