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    You can’t, at least not in the way you have described trying.

    You need create a completley new report module by making a clone of the complete “change_report” folder. Give the new folder a new name. You can call it whatever you like. The standard ones use the “_report” in the name just to make it easier to identify them. Make your changes to the report.xml in that new folder.

    You also need to modify your new folder’s “module.php” file to change any references to “change_report” to whatever you call your new folder. Also change the descriptive texts it contains (get_title and get_description) (lines 32, 36, 42)

    Now you will have a new report. It will appear in all the places it should for menus etc, and the new folder won’t be touched by an upgrade (but to be sure, keep a separate backup copy of the new folder).

    Don’t forget you will need to ‘enable’ this new module, and set its Modules>Reports display properties before you will see it.

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