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    The current release formats my notes attached to media in a very skinny column. Am I able to select the type of formatting and increase the column width?

    Actually nothing to do with the latest release. The kiwitrees theme has always had that “feature”. Other themes present media objects on the facts & Events tab differently. Try temporarily switching to the webtrees theme to see what I mean (just add “&theme=webtrees” on the end of the page URL).

    I designed it that way to avoid the elongated look of multiple images stacked vertically one above the other. Your example page doesn’t have any examples of multiple images attached to a single event, so I agree yours does look ‘odd’. I will investigate how practical it might be to allow for more flexibility in the use of the available space depending on how many images there are to show. But that will take a release or more before I can include a change like that (if at all – it might be too complex to be worthwhile).

    In the meantime you ahve lots of choices. Here are some:

    1 – Consider how you structure your page. I designed the kiwitrees theme pretty much around my own personal preferences, and they are quite different in a number of respects to yours. That’s not to say there is anything wrong with yours, but considering alternatives is one possible solution. Take a look at this page:

    Then try it with this URL:

    In each case focus on his military records (two separate events) and compare the media display.

    Apart from the theme and vert vs horiz display of images my differences are:
    a) – generally shorter notes The GEDCOM spec is clear they should be brief additional info. (not much longer than a “tweet”).
    b) – I rarely attach separate notes to media when linked to an event, but when I do all my notes and sources are ‘closed’ by default. This reduces scrolling and general screen “clutter”, IMHO.
    c) – I have “events of closed relatives” (and historical dates”) also closed by default for the same reasons. I believe (happy to be wrong) that most visitors want to view a quick snapshot of events. and only see everything else when they choose to.

    2 – Switch to a theme that displays your notes differently. From memory I think that’s all of them except kiwitrees.

    3 – Modify the CSS for your install of the kiwitrees theme so media is displayed there in the same way the webtrees theme does it. I’m going to guess this will be your preferred solution 🙂 Its very easy if you just do two things:
    a) – Read and follow the “Customising themes” FAQ here if you haven’t already done so:
    b) – Modify the relevant css in your personal kiwitrees theme “mystyle.css” file. Exactly how you want it is up to you, but it involves changing “float” properties and widths. This should get you started, then experiment from there:

    .media-display {
        width: auto;
        float: none;

    For experimenting with css use your browser’s “developer tools” / firebug (F12 key on most systems)

    4 – Wait for a possible improvement to the display as mentioned above.

    My personal kiwitrees site is