• #5098

    I found out what I did wrong with the batch. I had to write more than only the gedcom type

    Meaning I could not do like this:
    Search for 1 MARR
    Replace with 1 EVEN

    So in this case I made this:
    Search for 1 MARR Blev viet til
    Replace with 1 EVEN Blev viet til

    Since I do not want to spend search time and do not want these “empty” persons I still want the marriages to be counted in statistic. So I found out that the type MARR is the one I had to use. That is the reason I want to keep the MARR type in my record!

    If I use MARR instead of EVEN the system want a spouse. But the issue (the search for spouse) only appears if I want to edit the record! It is not a bug or anything. It was just me who had twisted the system and now the system caught me 😛

    Regards, Jamie Jaconelli

    admin and owner of a user customized version of kiwitrees (contains 3 family trees)