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    Gedcom validator is not kiwitrees – This one is:
    And in this it will not accept the period date (And I am trying to find a date error)

    That’s a very useless validator if it doe not understand the GEDCOM rules!

    If I use the Batch Update ex. to replace – I can not get it to work (the one you suggest). Result: “no posts found”

    I made a couple of suggestions using Batch update. Which one are you referring to? Did you copy / paste my code or type it?(Please start a new thread for this).

    Right now I am struggling with my userdefined EVEN which I can not use after the upgrade :( And I would be happy to get help for this with a batch or something (it is 443 posts I have to edit in raw gedcom post)

    I might be able to help.
    But what user defined EVEN?
    Why are you struggling (nothing that should matter to this has been changed in years)?
    How would batch update help with this?
    (Please start a new thread for this).

    My personal kiwitrees site is