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    Ah, now I see. If you’d said you were talking about the list of individuals each media object was linked to I would have understood better.

    Even now when you say:

    The Media object column that shows the records the media is attached to isn’t.

    That is still confusing and inaccurate. The column headed “Media object” IS sorted correctly. What you are referring to is a sub-list of individuals WITHIN each entry within that column.

    That’s a whole new complication, and no it isn’t (easily) possible. It would require a major re-write of vast amounts of the code. At present, by the time that data reaches that display page it is already concatenated info from name tables and date tables, wrapped in html links, and formatted as an HTML bullet list.

    I’m afraid that’s too much to even contemplate adding to a wish list. I’m also loath to re-write code for a singular purpose so far outside the original intent of the page. It would actually make more sense (and be easier – if I had the time) to write a report to list all the individuals who don’t have images attached.

    In fact, it would not be at all hard to do as an added option in the Main menu >Reports > Missing data.

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