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    Sorry, I missed this one:

    moving medie links from one folder to another [2000 medie items are a lot if I want them in another folder]. Ex. I have image files of churchbooks. They are all in a folder called /ancestors. So keeping them out of the gallery then I need to move them. So I make a folder called /churchbooks. And here it would be great to move them by one hand rather one by one!

    This again can be easily done in Batch Update, though there are two steps involved:

    1. Use FTP to physically move all the images from /media/ancestors to /media/churchbooks. [also either move the thumbnails or simply delete those. They will be recreated automatically at the right place later].
    2. Use Batch Update to change from “1 FILE ancestors/” to “1 FILE churchbooks/” (note the /meda/ part is not held in the GEDCOM data so no need to change that).

    But I do agree that such a movement would be a good addition to media management. I will add it to the “Wish list”. But it is not something that would be part of “Sanity Check” which this thread is about.

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