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    If I use gedcom check in kiwitrees it accept dates in period. Like this “from 1833 to 1890″. But if I use the gedcom validator it will fail!

    I think you have confused me with different terminology.
    By “gedcom check” do you mean “Administration > Family tree tools > Check for GEDCOM errors”?
    By “gedcom validator” do you mean “Administration > Family tree tools > Sanity check”?

    It is important to understand that with Sanity check there is no such thing as a “fail”. It offers suggestions for things that MIGHT be wrong.

    “Check for GEDCOM errors” is quite different. It very carefully and exactly checks that data entered is acceptable to the GEDCOM specification. So it says that “FROM 1833 TO 1890” is a valid date (an allowed structure), but it does NOT say that it is correct.

    A lot of your other suggestions are best fixed and found using “Administration > Tools > Batch update. That can find AND fix them.

    • It has a special tool to find and fix missing married names.
    • You can find CHR tags: “search for “1 CHR ” and replace them all with “1 BAP “
    • Same for REF, UUID tags and any others
    • You could find all tiff files – Regular expression search for “1 FILE(.*).tiff”

    These are all quite different from the purpose of Sanity check. That new tool is designed to help with the things that could not be easily found with GEDCOM check or batch update, like a baptism date earlier than the birth date.

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