• #5072

    Which part do you want to add a background to?

    I can see that you have this in your mystyle.css:

    #medialist-page .media-list-data {
        background: #E6FFC7 repeat scroll 0% 0%;
    #medialist-page .pagination {
        background: #E6FFC7 repeat scroll 0% 0%;

    A couple of issues:
    1 – you are just adding a colour, so you don’t need repeat, or positioning etc. Just use the tag “background-color”.
    2 – you are making life far too complicated targeting multiple small elements.

    Try removing those and just put:

    #medialist-page {
        background-color: #E6FFC7;

    If that’s not what you want, you’ll need to be more specific (preferably a picture?).

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