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    When I viewed the list in Admin > Media > Manage media, the names and DOB/DOD are listed.

    I shall assume in my response that this means you create the media title as “Mary Smith 1900-1903”, not the file name.

    However, with so many with the same name, and using same image, it would be nice if they can be sorted first by name (as they are) then by DOB (date of birth). So,would always be before Mary Smith 1903- and Mary Smith 1902-1983 would be second:

    Mary Smith 1900-1903
    Mary Smith 1902-1983
    Mary Smith 1903

    They are sorted like that, I believe. When first displayed the default sort on on the column “Media file” which is the file name (xxxxx.jpg etc). But the other columns are also sortable. Just click on the header of the column “Media object” which displays the title of the media item. Click once to sort ascending, click again for descending. you can also sort by the “highlighted” tag and / or the media ‘type’. use of the ‘filter’ box also greatly aids limiting the range of media displayed.

    Not sure how often images are re-used but I have two where this is the case. One for females with no portrait image and the other for males.

    This sounds a lot like the already existing purpose of the “silhouette” images that (unless you have disabled them). But those don’t HAVE to be silhouettes. They could just as easily be any picture you want to use. They are theme-specific and referenced in the style sheet, so can easily be changed by putting different images in the theme folder and linking to them in a mystyle.css file using the same css tags as the standard silhouettes but your own image file name.

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