• #5063

    If I use gedcom check in kiwitrees it accept dates in period. Like this “from 1833 to 1890”. But if I use the gedcom validator it will fail!

    But I wish something with missing “married names”, moving medie links from one folder to another (2000 medie items are a lot if I want them in another folder). Ex. I have image files of churchbooks. They are all in a folder called /ancestors. So keeping them out of the gallery then I need to move them. So I make a folder called /churchbooks. And here it would be great to move them by one hand rather one by one!

    A checker for wrong used extension name. In earlier time the danish archieves used tiff. Here I had to check one by one and edit them! Since tiff files can not be read in kiwitrees!

    A checker for “selfdefined” gedcom types! A cleanup for use of the gedcom type REF (I know I can just hide it in kiwitrees – but the data is still in the gedcom file)

    I had a mix of CHR and BAPT. I had to download the gedcom file and doing a search for CHR and rename the type to BAPT (since I wanted to use that type). A checker that could do this also a good one!

    Have alot more – so here just some suggestions 🙂

    Jamie Jaconelli

    admin and owner of a user customized version of kiwitrees (contains 3 family trees)