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    That will explain the problem. If you can’t even activate tools with the F12 key then all sorts of things in kiwitrees won’t work as designed. Nothing I can / would be willing to do to help with that.

    In secure environments, such as libraries or the one I’m temporarily in, function keys access is blocked to prevent security breaches. It’s not been that long ago that libraries finally allowed right-mouse clicks because of security breaches (they are very, very real).

    However, I was on the Dell Latitude (1366×768) this afternoon and because I had time to kill, was doing edits starting at Q1. I clicked the Name block to add/remove info and upon save, those that were looking “abnormal” returned to normal. Others I just did edit/save without change and they too reverted to normal. Most strange indeed.

    At some point, I have to revisit most pages so those will get fixed. Haven’t looked at more recent ones. Will try tomorrow (Sunday) if possible. Otherwise, it maybe a few weeks before I’m on another laptop in a different environment, but still secure if not more so.

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