• #5001

    One thing I should mention here is that it has always been my aim to move this module into a replacement series of tools for the current “Reports” (which barely work and are ugly in the extreme).

    This module is really a far better alternative to the “Ancestors” report.

    But I have yet to decide quite how to incorporate all this module’s options (and maybe more) into a set of reporting tools, or if they can / should stand alone in admin. I guess it depends how many such tools will require extensive config options.

    My general thought is to create ‘reports’ that work and look good online, but CAN be printed if required. That’s the opposite of the current reports which exist only for printing, but can (almost) be displayed online (badly).

    I’m also firmly of the view that modern browsers have no need of a specific “PDF” print option within kiwitrees. Its a native element to all browsers now, I believe.

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