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    1. If the field is NULL then do nothing. That narrative just needs to be written matching the contents of each field. BAP and CHR may share the same narrative text but will only be written if there is a value.
    2. I could only help with English 🙂
    3. I agree. If it happened to me that my story was not well formatted for the report I would go to that story and adjust it to suit. It depends on what people see as a priority.

    Here’s another thought but may be difficult to include – I have notes attached to gedcom events that help explain the story around the event. Similarly I will add a media file to a gedcom event, say newspaper clipping, then I add a note to it that is the text of the clipping. I do this so search engines will pick up the text of the clipping. eg Marriage with newspaper notice.


    I would change the menu title to Families and the page title to Families of … or just have the name of the start person. It’s more personal, more representative and I wouldn’t really call the report a tree.

    It might be an idea to allow notes to follow a gedcom narrative. I’m not sure which way to go here. I have always added notes to my events but since the last update I am now considering moving all my larger notes to Stories.

    Hope this helps,