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    I picked a snippet from contact (visitor) to translate as testing grounds for other portions.

    Not sure what you mean by a “snippet”, but it MUST be the exact and complete text from the core code. For the contact page (visitors) there are only two pieces, as per my previous explanation to you (items 1 and 2). You cannot pull parts of those out on their own.

    Cleared caches and will wait, as you say, to see if it works.

    If by “cleared caches” you mean you went to Admin> Clean up data directory and deleted the “cache” item then you should not need to wait. Just refresh the page. If you cleared any other caches (browser, server etc, then you wasted your time, and that’s why you need to wait. 🙁

    Entered the French version (Google translate) and got error as soon as I clicked save button

    I suspect it is baulking at some unescaped special characters used in the French translation (accent, apostrophe etc). If so I will need to fix that. Can you give me the standard and custom translations you used there. I suggest you do it as an image of the custom translation page (just the top part) to avoid the forum mangling any code, as the precise raw text is essential to test.

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