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    Sad news indeed. Literally cannot select the location. Guess will have to switch back to Xenea (was taking a break to get ideas for colours) and see if that improves more.

    Try kiwitrees theme. It generally uses more modern design elements, especially padding etc in and around data entry fields and anything you need to select or click. Its what needs to happen with all themes to become mobile-friendly. But the effort for really old themes like colors and xenea are too great. More likely I will replace them with something that works better, but still has their overall look / colors / icons etc. But that’s all many months away yet.

    Colour switching – wasn’t sure if it was suppose to be that way. Guess option isn’t of value anymore then. In back of my mind is how one would test when setting is via Admin and if “mytheme” is in test mode, how to have stable one in place. But that’s a long way off.

    Not too hard. Just keep the admin theme setting page open in it’s own tab / window and change the theme there. Then just a quick refresh on your other tab is enough to show the difference.

    Alternatively you can just add “&theme=colors” or “&theme=something else” to the end of any url to get an instant look at a page in a different theme.

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