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    I have the png in with the rest of my images (data/media) for the site but not sure of correct path to use for inserting.

    That’s the problem. You can’t link to an image in the kiwitrees standard media folder. The whole point of that folder is to prevent linking, and to ensure correct privacy rules are applied to every image it contains. This has been explained both here and on webrees many times before.

    However there are ways to do what you want – two in fact.:
    1 -Using an image subject stored within your standard kiwitrees media folder:

    2 – Using he HTML block editor click on the “image” icon in the tool bar.

    I assume from your comments this (option 2) is what you are doing. So, if you need your image to be in the protected /data/media folder (because its linked to a record in your family tree as well) then you must use option 1. above.

    If it is not needed for your family tree itself, then the image should be any where EXCEPT /data/media. The best way is to use the “browse server” option you mentioned above, then within that screen use the “Upload” option (near top-left corner) This places all such images neatly together in a new “uploads” folder which is the default location for that image feature.

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