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    You havnt said WHERE you want to see the answer to your question “How would I know it’s not their natural child?” so giving the right answer is hard.

    On the INDI page (Facts & Events tab) for Q3926 the side-bar shows her in two families: “Family with parents” and “Family with adoptive parents”. That seems clear enough to me, so I guess that’s not where you have a problem.

    But I’m 99% sure my answer is still as stated above. You need to add the adoption information to the family record (F1613) if you want it to appear there, and currently you haven’t done that.

    Adoptions / Fostering are always complex. We need to be able to show adoption by a couple, or by the mother or the father as individuals, then for the family as a unit as well. So there is never any way it can be fully automated. To get a totally complete display I have never found a way to avoid it being a two part process, and one of those is usually a raw GEDCOM edit. I have often thought to write an FAQ about it, but the complexity has put me off! Hoping someone else will volunteer one day, and perhaps through that process identify a better way.

    So, I think the solution for your problem, IF I have understood it correctly, is to go the the family page for F1613, and using raw GEDCOM edit add “2 PEDI adopted” directly under the “1 CHIL @Q3926@” record.

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