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    1) Yes, would like my icon

    1. Change the name of your own icon from contact.png to something else (I will use my_contact.png here, but you can use anything)
    2. Create a new folder in /themes/colors/ called my_images (it’s path will then be /themes/colors/my_images). Again, the exact name is not important. Put my_contact.png in this new folder.
    3. Create a file called mystyle.css in the /theme/colors/ folder.
    4. In that file add this code: #main-menu li#menu-contact {background: url(my_images/my_contact.png) no-repeat 50% 25%;}

    Thats it.

    2) The preamble wording for contact by visitor and the email address proviso.

    Yes you can change those using Administration > Site administration > Custom translation. First read the FAQ (there’s a link to it on that page). You only need “Part One”. Ignore the much longer Part Two.

    When you have read it go back to the custom translation page and have a go. You first need to select the language you want to use this for, remembering that if you use multiple languages you “should” translate it into all of them, which has to be done separately for each one.

    The two translations you need to have in the left-side boxes (Standard text) are:

    1 –

    <b>Please Note:</b> Private information of living individuals will only be given to family relatives and close friends. You will be asked to verify your relationship before you will receive any private data. Sometimes information of dead persons may also be private. If this is the case, it is because there is not enough information known about the person to determine whether they are alive or not and we probably do not have more information on this person.Before asking a question, please verify that you are inquiring about the correct person by checking dates, places, and close relatives. If you are submitting changes to the genealogical data, please include the sources where you obtained the data.

    2 –

    Please provide your email address so that we may contact you in response to this message. If you do not provide your email address we will not be able to respond to your inquiry.	Your email address will not be stored or used in any other way than responding to this inquiry.

    These must be copied EXACTLY like that (without the “pre” and “/pre” but with EVERYTHING else. Then put whatever you want, including any html you want in the right-side “Custom translations” corresponding box(s). You have to do 1 then save, so you can do 2.

    When you have finished, re-read the FAQ to ensure you didn’t miss anything (like the comments about cache’s).

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