• #4914

    If you are seeing your own icon (called contacts.png) AND you are seeing the contacts in the footer then you have NOT added the new colors folder, or have not done so correctly. Did you remove it from the zip folder?

    1 – put a copy of your own contact.png menu icon some where safe – NOT in the colors theme at all. because you have used the same name as the standard image yours will be deleted by the new folder.
    2 – Copy the new folder ‘colors’ complete to replace your existing /themes/colors/ folder
    3 – Check that the new standard image appears in the menu and the footer contact links disappear.

    Until you have achieved 3, do not do anything else. Once you get that far we can discuss using mystyle.css to replace the menu icon with your own


    I see the new form (Colors > coffeeandcream) when not logged in. When logged in, it’s not the same. The header “Please note” & 2 fields aren’t there (name & email)

    This is normal (and has always been this way when using the footer links. The “please note…” info is of no relevance to a logged in user.

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