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    Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘PDOException’ with message ‘SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1048 Column ‘user_id’ cannot be null’ in /home/j/a/ftp_jaconellidk/webtrees/library/WT/DBStatement.php:91 Stack trace: #0 [internal function]: PDOStatement->execute(Array) #1 /home/j/a/ftp_jaconellidk/webtrees/library/WT/DBStatement.php(91): call_user_func_array(Array, Array) #2 /home/j/a/ftp_jaconellidk/webtrees/includes/authentication.php(304): WT_DBStatement->__call(‘execute’, Array) #3 /home/j/a/ftp_jaconellidk/webtrees/includes/authentication.php(304): WT_DBStatement->execute(Array) #4 /home/j/a/ftp_jaconellidk/webtrees/modules_v3/contact/module.php(244): addMessage(Array) #5 /home/j/a/ftp_jaconellidk/webtrees/modules_v3/contact/module.php(45): contact_WT_Module->show() #6 /home/j/a/ftp_jaconellidk/webtrees/module.php(34): contact_WT_Module->modAction(‘show’) #7 {main} thrown in /home/j/a/ftp_jaconellidk/webtrees/library/WT/DBStatement.php on line 91

    I think this will be a bug. Please report it. Can you also confiorm what messaging type your user is set to. I’m guessing it will be internal messaging with storage. I can fix the bug, but I’m also going to start a discussion to understand why internal messaging is used and how everyone woulld feel about me removing it once a full understanding of what it achieves – or more importantly does not achieve. Please don’t reply to that issue here. I will start the discussion in a day or two.

    I tried to move the module title “Contact” to a left margin at 25 – something like this in mystyle.css:
    h2:margin-left: 25px;
    But it does not work (and yes I am a noob)

    The ‘noob’ might like to study this web site. I strongly recommend It is a very bad idea to try adding code if you do not understand it.
    In this case you will see immediately from that site that your code is missing the very important {……} . But you also need to be more specific. Just putting ‘h2’ will cause the same margin to be used EVERYWHERE an h2 element appears. You might not like some of the results from that.

    #contact-page h2 {
      margin-left: 25px;
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