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    rThe css for the menu icon was added in color.css and written as Nigel made it! I can not give you my css file. I have alot of css changes and wil just ruin yours. But I will suggest you do make a mystyle.css and add a background for your contact module!

    The one you can see is still my own – since the kiwitrees version still has some issues.

    So if you add the css (in color.css) for the menu – you will have an menu icon.

    #main-menu li#menu-contact {
    background: url(../images/contact.png) no-repeat 50% 25%;
    background-size: 40px;

    This icon has to be in your image folder. You can google to find one you like.
    The next part is to setup the menu in your dashbord (admin) to be shown for visitors. If you found (google) an icon you like and want to use it – I can edit the icon for you so it fit your color theme 🙂

    Try to put this code and name the file mystyle.css and put it in your color folder and see the different in you contact form!

    * My Style for Colors theme

    /* Coffee and Creme Palette */

    /* Contact page */
    #contact_page {
    border:1px solid #cccccc;

    Still missing to figure out how to move the contact title to left-margin 25

    Regards, Jamie Jaconelli

    admin and owner of a user customized version of kiwitrees (contain 3 family trees)