• #4841

    Thanks Paul, you are absolutely right. A result of a generic change across the whole kiwitrees theme (it doesn’t effect any other theme).

    For now the fix is to add the following in the file /modules_v3/GEDFact_assistant/css/cens_style.css

    .cens_data table td button {padding: 0; min-width: initial;}

    A couple of other things while we’re on CA:

    1 – I see you, like me, have a spurious digit “1” in the header area of the image you posted. Its caused by a minor code error that I have yet to identify. Doesn’t cause any issues, but shouldn’t be there.

    2 – Referring back to my earlier discussion thread on moving edit windows to a full new tab. CA is one area where I think it could be beneficial. It would for example allow both the CENS window and the Shared note window to appear together (the latter hidden until required) That would give the whole thing more ‘real estate’ to work in, and allow for any ideas you might have for a better, more logical layout. Any thoughts on this?

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