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    OK – first, please stop referring back to old versions. They have been changed. Things don’t necessarily work the same any more. Icons remaining in place in old versions is because there was no attempt at introducing responsive menus then. There is / MUST BE, now.

    Having the old three columns in a strict table structure is also not responsive. It had to go, as will many more like it over time.

    Second – yes “squishing” is most definitely a hack for you only – and it was only one of three options I gave you. The first (a modified style.php file) would be a “design” solution. The third (use the Google maps “Place Check” feature) would be the best (by a very large margin) way to work through editing and improving places. It’s what it was designed for. The place hierarchy was / isn’t designed as an edit tool.

    Finally, as I said before “easy to read” is a subjective opinion. It is not one I agree with you on, in this instance. Sorry.

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