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    No, that’s not the right explanations.

    1 – using the Place Hierarchy “squished” is not a design feature. It’s a work around just for you. “As designed” is to use it as wide as you can.

    2 – The issue is that the menu’s don’t fit onto a “small device” which is what you are forcing it into when you “squish” it. The reason yours disappear is that the responsive menu system isn’t complete in any theme other than kiwitrees. I was waiting for the next release to do these, hoping that few if any users would use xenea AND on a small screen. Got that wrong didn’t I 🙁

    But for now you can replace the xenea header.php with the attached one. That will get you a responsive menu (a drop-down menu list on a small device / narrow window) – but not your icons.

    For a responsive menu system we have to decide on a width cut-off, when the icons give way to a drop-down. In an ideal world this might also depend on how many icons and how big they are, but that’s not practical, so I’ve used a cut-off of 1024px. At that size a full set of all available icons just fits. below it and they start to wrap around into a second , third, fourth row.

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