• #4801

    When you updated your copies of simpl_pages you correctly added missing code, but your forgot that sometimes code also just changes or gets removed. You need to do a line-by-line comparison with the current standard module.php and update yours a bit more.
    A good tool for doing this almost automatically (it highlights line by line differences and allows you to copy the changes or leave them) is WinMerge. Its free from (ver 2.14.0)

    Once that is done, you should also remove any files or sub-folders from your custom simpl_pages module folder that do not exist in the standard version.

    This will improve a few things, but especially it will remove all unnecessary icons from any theme that doesn’t need them.

    These changes are largely as a result of making these add-ons part of core code, so they no longer require their own style sheets etc.

    You can do all this quite safely without effecting any of your content.

    Note: with the current code (even on my own site) using multiple copies of simpl_pages fails HTML validation. This is because each copy uses the menu ID (“menu_mypages”). It doesn’t stop anything from running but can cause issues with some obscure browsers and Search Engine ranking. It is definitely not good practice. I will be fixing this in the next release.

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