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    But it’s a place heirarchy. There shouldn’t be more than one England.

    As for problems reading left-right rather than down, I’d have to disagree. Left-right seems more natural to me.

    But the design is to aid mobile device responsiveness – so reduce your browser window to the narrowest possible width and they will all become one vertical list. (see attached), especially if you click “Switch to list view”

    Or, temporarily turn on the “GoogleMaps” module, then in Admin > Tools view it’s “PlaceCheck” feature, That gives a very useful, and totally controllable vertical list. You can ignore the actual GoogleMaps part, just use the left column which is your standard GEDCOM places.

    Then a third option is a tiny modification to the style.css file (using a mystyle.css file as per FAQ “Customising themes”). Just put this in it:

    #place-hierarchy ul li {
      display: block;
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