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    I thought about that. But if you clear the table from the database, then you will not be able to access your site, so there will be no way to access the page to do a reset.

    I think you have still not understood how the ‘rules’ work.

    When you say “Think about I had rules that were 5 years old (in the bottom) I doubt that all were useful any more. I think you did not read my last post. I said, I thought clearly. There are NO rules in the bottom half. I said: “Apart from producing the list, no action is taken using the bottom half.

    To explain further…. In the bottom half there is only a list of the IP details etc for visitors who do not match the ‘rules’ set in the top half. They ALL did and can continue to access your site. They only become “rules” (allow / deny / robot) when you click their ‘tick’ and transfer them to the top half.

    I realise it is too late now, but the correct thing to do when you had your problem was:
    First – only delete items from the MtSQL table that have a rule = “unknown”. Then the real rules will be untouched.
    Second – importing a clean copy of the table (from you backup of course) is the best way of you missed the first .

    However, for the next release I have made a couple of changes which should help:
    1 – The ‘ticks’ are now bright green colour, so easier to notice
    2 – Those ticks now have a proper “pointer” cursor when you point to them so it is more clear that they are ‘clickable’
    3 – I have added an option to ‘purge’ (delete) all the entries from the bottom half. this will get rid of all the old entries no longer needed, but leave the rules in the top half untouched.

    If I have time I will also add a link to the explanation I wrote in my last post as an FAQ.

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