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    OK, I’ve had a look. I believe the “site access rules” code is all working exactly as it was designed. However, that does not mean there are no improvements that could be useful.

    First, I will explain how it was designed to be used.
    The page has two parts:
    1 – The bottom half
    This is a list of all unknown visitors, based on their IP address range and user agent string. ‘Uknown” means they are not included in any of the definitions in the top half.

    Apart from producing the list, no action is taken using the bottom half.

    To the right of each “unknown” are three ticks under “allow”, “deny”, and “robot”. If you click on any of those ticks, the details of that visitor are copied to the definitions in the top half of the page, using the rule set by the tick you selected.

    2 – The top half.
    This is the important part. It defines whether specified visitors (by IP address range and user agent string) are allowed access; denied access; or restricted (seen as robots, search engines etc) to only certain pages.

    When you first install kiwitrees this section contains six entries. Each has all possible IP addresses ( to and the user agent strings of all the known legitimate browsers. This ensures everyone [including you] can visit your site using any browser.

    When you add new rules (as described for the bottom half) you allow, deny, or confirm as robot other IP addresses / user agent strings.

    Any item included in the top half can be edited. This is done by clicking on each of the fields and editing it’s content. (Don’t forget to save).


    So, this is how it was designed, and (for me anyway) all of that is working correctly.

    But there are some issues, and I guess one or more of these was where you had a problem:

    1. Both the top and bottom sets of data are in the same database table [“_site_access_rules”]. The bottom half all have the rule = unknown; the top half all have the rule = allow, deny, or robot. If you [accidentally or otherwise] delete the entire table or even just the “allow” rule items, then no-one will be able to access your site – not even you!. The only way to fix that is to recreate a new “_site_access_rules” table and insert the default 6 ‘allow’ items manually there. It is not possible to add them in the admin page.
    2. The bottom section of “unknown” visitors can become very long, and potentially cause server capacity issues. There is no way, other than directly at the database to delete those items.
    3. The three “ticks” right of the items in the bottom half are not a user-friendly way to select and copy items to the top half.

    Jamie, can you comment on these issues and confirm if these are the cause of your problem; and what solution you think would work better.

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