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    Most of the danish users (genealogy users) – use IE :(
    So I allways try to fix my page for crome/ff and IE
    FF my own choice and a big part of the younger (genealogy) users are on crome
    Also here the users are behind with upgrades. 90% of my visitors still at win7 (incl. my self at my main pc)

    None of those choices make any difference to this proposal. Everything will work on IE (but no older than IE9, I won’t support those). WIN7 is fine for anybody. I use it myself, though I might move to Win10 as it is free, once first bugs are sorted (assuming there will be plenty).

    For developing I can’t completely ignore MAC users, so do need to include Safari.
    Opera is also popular. Then of course there’s the various mobile devices sizes to plan for.

    Fortunately from IE10 onwards I am finding far fewer differences between browsers, so except for mobile life is a little easier. IE11 is actually quite good.

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