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    I like the one at your page.
    The two choices at the test page – is confusing.
    It should not contain 2 contacts forms

    I think most users just want to have their own “contact text”. Not the predefined one!
    Perhaps it is only me that find this separation for contact odd!

    At my contact form – visitors write their question in the message box. So I do not think it is needed to have the contact form separated!

    Perhaps. But it doesn’t matter. Like always the choice is configured in the Family Tree settings. You can have technical set to one user; genealogy set to a different; both set the same; or either one set to no-one. Entirely the choice of a site admin.

    The use of two is more important for sites where there is one admin, but multiple trees each with their own manager. Many of my hosting clients have me as the technical contact, but themselves for genealogical contact.

    The “contact text” can be changed at any time using a “custom language file”. Its easy to do, but I am thinking about making it even easier by having it a module where admin can select a text and create their own version in any language they choose, then storing it in the database instead of files. Not sure how easy that is going to be yet though, so not soon.

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