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    Oops – I just realised my grammar is less than ideal. This sentence could be read in two ways:

    I hope to avoid aggravating users

    I hope no-one thinks I was implying kiwitrees has any “aggravating users” …. Definitely not my intent.

    The URL gives examples for Windows. Safari and Firefox are the most common for Mac, BUT not all of us are on the latest OS because of $$ to upgrade all our software (and other considerations). Can probably say lots of Windows users too don’t upgrade. Unlike Windows, Mac users cannot upgrade their browser independent of OS. So, I could never be on Safari 8 while running OS 10.7.5.

    No, that article definitely refers to Safari on MAC, though perhaps the wrong versions (for you). But it looks to me as if the solution is pretty much the same as on Windows, and not particularly dependent on whether it’s the latest or not.

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