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    Thanks for all the feedback on this idea. I did say at the start that I only ‘think’ I would prefer to do my editing on a new tab 🙂

    I needed to get your input to help broaden my ideas. It isn’t something I want to get into the upcoming release, and perhaps not even the next, but just to explore ideas. So I’ll comment on some of your points, but with that in mind please don’t read my answers as disagreeing with you on any point, just considering alternative positions.

    mac said:

    Scrolling vertical isn’t that much a problem if data is consistently and logically placed when initially entering and subsequently editing. And, for each of the events. Currently, they’re not but that’s a carry over from long ago too.

    Yes, I understand that point of view, but personally I do find scrolling a nuisance. But I do agree about the order / logical placement of entry fields. It’s better than it used to be, but feel free to point out glaring issues. I’ll see if they can be improved.

    The size of a pop-up is different than a window and that’s important factor. Resizing a window isn’t the same and would be a distraction to editing. And as you mention, moving it around which I do A LOT.

    The other problem I have with the popups is that they are always getting lost behind other open windows because of their ability to be moved around. , or they have just a small edge visible to set focus onto. And, at least on Windows machines, tabs can be ‘un-docked’ from their initial browser window and moved around just like a pop-up.

    jamie said:

    But if moving the “edit” to a new tab – do you think about automatic moving focus to this new tab and when saving back at the right page?

    Yes, definitely. I have done one test and that works OK. When you click, for example, “Add birth” focus goes to the new tab. When you click ‘save’ on that tab focus returns to the original page and the edit tab closes. However, I do know that sometimes browsers have settings that can change these actions, so it might not work for every browser on every user’s system. More testing required!

    Roy said:

    However, I often find myself having to refer to the main screen as I edit. [Getting old and my memory isn’t what it used to be]. To accomplish this in the proposal two additional steps would be necessary; pull the edit tab off into a new window and then resize it. Probably would still have to scroll the new resized window.

    I agree, and I do the same myself. However, whether its one step or two depends on how you work, how you use your screen space, what hardware you use etc…. Lots of personal preferences at play here. So for me, I would say having it in a tab rather than pop-up makes little difference. Let me explain….
    I have a 27 inch display. That is large enough that I rarely have any window set to use the full size. When I need to see both the original page AND the edit tab, I click on the edit tab, and in the same single motion drag it to the extreme right side of the display. In Windows (can’t comment about Apple) that automatically ‘docks’ the tab to the side AND displays it full height and 50% of the display width. Often that is all I need, but occasionally I will drag the original tab (or browser window) to the left for a similar effect on that side, giving me two side-by-side tabs, one for edit, one for original data.

    Less common, I occasionally have 2 editing pop-ups open at the same time. That would double the additional steps.

    That’s a good point. One scenario like that (possibly not the sort you are referring) is where you need a second edit before you can complete the first (Add media during add birth; add new source during edit marriage; create shared note while adding a census record; etc..). In such cases I am hoping I will be able to combine both actions on the same edit tab.

    It wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me; just an aggravation.

    I hope to avoid aggravating users 🙂

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