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    There are no width parameters controlling the width of any of those columns. They each take as much space as they need, only using more if it’s spare after all the columns are rendered, starting from the left and working across. That does mean that the last (place of death) will often be wrapped.

    Its not practical to set column widths given the infinite variations on content (data) length, screen size, theme design, screen font and zoom settings, etc..

    Similarly forcing a “nowrap” policy on (for example) the place names could get crazy when some people have place levels extending to 6 or even nine parts. Even on my site with a maximum for any place of three levels it results on the table extending wider than the screen unless I go full screen on my 27 inch monitor!

    So the only solution is to physically remove the two “anniversary” columns. Even that will only improve things for some situations, not others, and simply leave a lot of white space for many. Those columns have been there since PGV was invented. It would need a major user consensus to remove them.

    Also, that display is common to other parts of the system, especially the individual list pages. So any change will effect those too – and I wouldn’t want to start creating more display variation than necessary.

    As is often the case, the most common problem with busy displays like that is small screen sizes and / or large fonts / zoom settings.

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