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    Is it not possible to configure Kiwitrees such that [email protected] is the From address for these messages?

    James, did you miss the part of my original response that said “Gmail doesn’t like emails sent with a fictitious rely address.” ?

    Its not a problem in kiwitrees. As far is it is concerned you can set the “From” email address to anything you want. But, as you have already discovered, if you set it to a non-verifiable address Gmail (and a number of other mail providers) will reject it.

    It is not the “noreply” part that causes the problem. It is that Gmail cannot verify your From address as a genuine email address. If you create an email account that really does have the name [email protected] then it should work OK.

    As to why you used to be able to do it in PGV, that’s because it is only relatively recently that the major email service providers have been tightening down hard on spam email. The email code in kiwitrees is not fundamentally different to what it was in PGV, Gmail just responds to it differently now.

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